I’ve had one stinking week, complete with jury duty and the kind of work stress it’s hard to even think about.  So, what better way to end a week than with our first annual celebration of Sandy’s Top 10 Hot Guys (November 2011 Edition)!

Seriously.  I just can’t even think about writing a serious blog at this point, so here goes:

jonJon Stewart because funny is always sexy and when you add a massive brain, his appeal is off the charts.

dennisDennis Haysbert because I really do fantasize sometimes about what it might be like to be in his good hands.

alexAlexander Skarsgard because he’s Eric.  ‘Nuff said.


Josh Dallas because he makes a perfect Prince Charming.

ralph,jpgRalph Fiennes because my memory is long.

alanAlan Rickman because of that voice.  And just because.

matthewMatthew Fox because, despite current evidence regarding an unsavory personal life, he played heroic Jack Shepard.  Perfectly.

RyanRyan Gosling because he is beautiful and talented and really should have been Sexiest Man Alive.

hughHugh Jackman because even though I’m not entirely convinced of his sexuality, he seems to be a great guy who loves his family and takes great joy in what he does.

And, finally, the perennial Hot Guy pick, the one, the only…

georgeGeorge Clooney. Because he is hot, of course, but also because he is smart and committed to doing good in the world.  What’s not to love?

So, I hope everyone enjoyed our frivolous little walk down Hot Guy Lane.  Do you agree with my choices?  Do any make you hurl?  Is there anybody I forgot that absolutely, positively needs to be on this list?

– Sandy AAR

P.S. I thought I set up this post so that each photo would be featured next to each guy, but, gosh, Word Press didn’t cooperate and I really don’t have the patience to try and fix it.  (See previous reference to hellacious week.) And, gee, who needs any help identifying these guys, anyway?

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