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It's the Holiday Season – But We're Still Opening Special Title Lists!

suggestionbox So here we are in the thick of Holiday season and you have groceries to buy, baked goods to prepare, gifts to buy, decorate the house inside and out, buy a new dress for that annual Holiday party, all while trying to keep your home in tip top shape in case you get the lovely drop in. We here are AAR believe you could use a little ‘you’ time without a Christmas thought barreling through your head so we have opened 3 new Categories for the Special Title Listing and there isn’t a single Christmas theme in any of them!

The first category opened will be for American Indian Romances. Heroes and/or heroines in these books are of American Indian/Native American ancestry, and this heritage is an important and integral factor in the romance. The category was opened in 2008 and again in 2009 but did not receive any submissions, probably because the subgenre is very much out of fashion these days. Fortunately there are authors who ignore fashions and write against the mainstream, and there are publishing houses that pick them up or reissue them – Carina Press, just to name one. In addition, with the advent of ebook self-publishing – including the fact that self-publishing’s reputation has vastly improved – authors who want to write something different have this avenue open to them as well. And while some may still enjoy the 80s style bodice-ripper American Indian Romances, it can be even more fascinating to explore the way American Indians and their history are viewed in the early 21st century. So whether it’s an oldie or a recently published novel – bring them on!

The next category opened is Amazing Animals and no, you shouldn’t have to deal with flying reindeer unless they are in your absolute favorite romance book. The animals listed in this category are special because they are strong “characters” in the book. There is an honest relationship between the animal and the people in the book and the reader sees the frustrating side, the cute side and at times, that meet cute moment when the couple first encounter each other while one is dealing with their pet. We here at AAR obviously love reading romance but when an author can give us a true to life portrait of one of our furry friends, it’s perfect.

And finally the last category open is for Time-Travel Romances. Didn’t see that one coming did you? Sure, maybe you want to time travel to sometime in January so that all the fuss of the holidays will pass you by, but we think it would be just more fun to read about a hero or heroine cast through time to meet their true love. Just remember that not all TT romances are up to snuff and that’s what we are looking for, the best of the genre.

These lists will remain open until December 22 at midnight (E.S.T.) so we hope you will be able to fit in some personal time to reminisce about the great stories you have read because even though you might not have enough time to read, hopefully you can find some time to remember some great romances.


Cindy, LinnieGayl and Rike

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