coeur_de_voh_new_caledonia_5I’m not much of a photographer, probably because I don’t have the patience.  This extends to my computer desktop wallpaper, which is changed two or three times a week.  I sometimes use pictures from my own travels and community, but more often draw them from a collection of landscape and nature photos I regularly visit.

The first is, of course, National Geographic.  A friend destroyed all my illusions when she said they air-brush their photos, but I hope that’s a generalization.  In any case, their photographs are works of art, and I’m particularly partial to David Doubilet’s underwater photos:


And then there’s Nikon Small World, an annual microscopic photography contest hosted by Nikon.  The photos are beautiful as well as fascinating, and it’s pretty amazing how things look up close, like the cross-section of an anglerfish ovary below:


Earth from the Air (or Earth from Above, as it’s also known) is a touring photo exhibition that I first encountered in London, five years ago.  The photographer, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, spent years taking pictures of the earth from the sky, and put them together in an exhibition that not only dazzles the eye but also raises environmental issues associated with each photo.  For instance, the Coeur de Voh in New Caledonia (pictured at the top) is actually a mangrove swamp currently endangered by overexploitation of the nearby resources.  Each photo has an associated problem, and if the exhibit comes to your town I encourage you to see it.

Do you like photography?  What do you have as a desktop wallpaper?

– Jean AAR

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