I hate laundry. Always have. One reason is that I have always lived in homes with inconvenient laundry rooms. At my parent’s house it is in the basement, down a very steep flight of concrete steps. In the first apartment my husband and I shared we had to use a portable washer and dryer. Very annoying. In every home we have owned since it has been in the basement.

It isn’t just maneuvering the steps with the heavy baskets that I despise. I hate pre-treating, which with two boys I do a lot of. I hate the sheer amount of it and how it never seems to be done. I hate that it is an interrupted task – start a load, wait an hour, move to dryer, start new load, repeat steps. I hate that it is four steps – wash, dry, fold, put away.

So there it is. Laundry is a task I simply hate doing. I often put it off, which only makes things worse for me.

What is your least favorite household chore?

– Maggie AAR