[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWlGsP1MHiIThe one aspect I probably really hate about winter is the fact that I leave my house when it’s still dark and only return when it’s dark again. I can deal with the cold (after all, that’s what wool is for), I can deal with fewer days of sunshine and I can deal with my garden looking all grey and brown. But spending days without ever seeing my rooms in daylight really drags me down. This is especially true on a bright and sunny day like today, when I keep staring outside at work, but know all this brightness will be gone by the time I get home.

What do I do about this? I try to enjoy the daytime hours during weekends as much as I can. While I do save energy by switching off the lights in all the rooms I’m not in at present, I don’t hesitate to light the place where I am brightly. And I surround myself with even more wool (next to light, warmth brings the most comfort to me). I try not to eat more chocolate than usual.

What drags you down during the winter months, and what do you do about it?

– Rike Horstmann

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