This spring our three pollsters – LinnieGayl, Cindy, and Lee – are polling again for your favorite books by your favorite authors to keep these bouquets fresh and updated.  In March they polled for:

Of these, only two – Hoyt and Singh – had never been polled for before.  Here is their view of the results:

Linda Howard’s list has stayed about the same with only one new title making the list.  Shades of Twilight squeaked in under the wire knocking Heart of Fire from the list this time around.  Ms. Howard’s latest book, Death Angel, just missed being in the top 12.  New to Howard’s Top 12: Shades of Twilight

Sabrina Jeffries had three of her newer books make the list in 4th, 5th and 7th place, showing that readers are enjoying her latest releases as much as her earlier ones.  New to Jeffries’s Top 12: Beware A Scot’s Revenge, Only a Duke Will DoLet Sleeping Rogues Lie

Katie MacAlister had four new additions to her bouquet since we last polled and all were published in or after 2006.  New to MacAlister’s Top 12: Light My Fire, A Girl’s Guide to Vampires, Holy Smokes, Even Vampires Get the Blues

Nalini Singh is a new entrant to our Favorite Books by Favorite Authors feature.  An author has to have at least 5 published works to be added to the lists, and this year, Ms. Singh’s oeuvre topped that number.  Her Psy/Changeling books seem to be the most popular, grabbing up the first five slots, but it was nice to see some of her older works make the list too.

Catherine Anderson fans know what they like, and her top three favorites remain unchanged from the last poll.  Comanche Moon, a re-release from 1991, made an impressive showing as did Coming Up Roses, originally released in 1993.  New to Anderson’s Top 12: Comanche Moon, My Sunshine, Coming Up Roses, Bright Eyes

Adele Ashworth‘s top four favorites remain the same from the last poll, though Duke of Sin and Winter Garden changed places.  Her latest three releases also made good showings. New to Ashworth’s Top 12:  A Notorious Proposition, Duke of Scandal, The Duke’s Indiscretion

Edith Layton‘s titles did some shuffling, though The Choice retains its #2 position from the last poll.  Three new titles made the list with her latest, A Bride For His Convenience which placed 10th.  New to Layton’s Top 12:  To Wed a Stranger, The Duke’s Wager, A Bride for His Convenience

We polled for Sandra Hill last year, and although there are no new additions to the list, her favorites still did quite a shuffle.

Liz Carlyle had four “new” books make the list from when we last polled, including her February release, Tempted All Night. New to Carlyle’s Top 12:  Never Romance a Rake, Never Deceive a Duke, Never Lie to a Lady, Tempted All Night

Susan Carroll‘s two top favorites remain the same as from last time we polled; however, her list is refreshed with her two latest novels also making the cut: The Silver Rose, The Huntress

Elizabeth Hoyt is another newbie to the Favorite Books by Favorite Authors list.  Her first book, The Raven Prince, is everyone’s favorite while her latest enters as the second favorite.  Each of Ms. Hoyt’s books has earned DIK status at AAR.

Julia London‘s newest book has shot straight to the top of her favorites, along with a few of her newer titles too. New to London’s Top 12:  The Book of Scandal, The Hazards of Hunting a Duke, The Perils of Pursuing a Prince, The Dangers of Deceiving a Viscount

That’s it for March’s Favorite Books by Favorite Authors poll.  Stay tuned for April’s turn, coming in a few weeks.  We love to get your input on what is the crème de la crème of these authors’ backlists.

–LinnieGayl Kimmel, Lee Brewer, Cindy Smith

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