Introducing Miss Kitty

Hello darlings! An avid reader of mystery and women’s fiction, with a decided preference for stories with romantic elements, Miss Kitty is here to provide you with her thoughts on the world of fiction. Miss Kitty hopes to stop by and take tea with you lovely people on a semi-regular basis, so please do introduce yourselves and let her know what you think of the books you’ve read!

Miss Kitty is not a fan of paranormal romance as a rule. After all, she has her own fangs, and she prefers not to associate with canids of any kind, even those who most often wear human clothing. Stories that revolve around pack tensions in canine societies or the fated soul-mates of vampires or demons leave her cold.

No, Miss Kitty likes humans. Or what they leave behind. The stuff of their souls. This appears most often in ghost form, and there is little Miss Kitty prefers to a good ghost story. Of course, Lady Markham, passing away happily in her sleep at the age of 103 after a plate of delicious lobster, probably won’t leave a ghost. Ghosts are born from untimely deaths, violent deaths, which means that most often when ghost stories are written they are not romances. If not straight up horror (which Miss Kitty can take or leave) they’re mysteries. But often enough, those mysteries contain a romantic element that pleases the feline soul.

Today, Miss Kitty would like to make a few recommendations of novels of ghostly sort.

The House Between Tides by Sarah Mine

This is not, strictly speaking a ghost story. Rather it is a Gothic in the style of Mary Stewart. The ghosts whisper in the corners of every room in the titular House, and echo in every beautifully crafted sentence.

The Widow’s House by Carol Goodman
Miss Kitty is an unabashed fan of Ms. Goodman’s books for adults, though she worries about the author’s family given the recurring tropes and themes in her novels. This is the most overtly paranormal of Goodman’s adult mysteries, but there are paranormal YA novels that Miss Kitty has not tried.

The Lily Dale mysteries by Wendy Corsi Staub

Speaking of authors who write both YA and adult, Wendy Corsi Staub has set novels for both age groups in the very real, very mystical town of Lily Dale, NY, where mediums live, and visitors arrive to hear from dead loved ones and learn about the Spiritualist movement. The adult novels would qualify as cozies in Miss Kitty’s books.

Ammie, Come Home by Barbara Michaels
This book was written in 1968, but Miss Kitty never promised you that all the books would be new! But it is, IMKHO, a primally perfect ghost story. Scary, sad, exciting, romantic, and with an ending that is all that and more.

Silence for the Dead by Simone St. James
Miss Kitty loves all of St. James’s books, but this is her very favorite. All the novels are standalones, so you can read whichever one you like to start. They’re all historicals with healthy (or unhealthy) doses of ghosts and strong romantic elements.


Have you read any good ghost stories lately? Let Miss Kitty know in the comments!

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