boxer bookDo you love sports romance? Today, Carina Press published six new sports romances, and the authors are here interviewing their sports-star characters. Batter up! 

Michele Mannon interviews Caden Kelly, Ultimate American Male underwear model and MMA welterweight title contender 

MM: How often do you find yourself staring at your…um…rather provocative billboard?


Caden: That’s the best you’ve got, Shelly? Next question.

MM: What’s your gripe with Sophie Morelle?

Caden: [snorts] Aside from her nailing me in the head with a three hundred pound camera, then having the gumption to proposition me about some MMA documentary she’s filming? No gripe, as long as she respects the restraining order.

MM: No. You didn’t.

Caden: I thought about it. Self-preservation. Plus, I’ve a title to win. I don’t need any distractions.

MM: And Sophie’s a distraction?

Caden: Does an Octagon cage have eight sides?


Allison Parr interviews Abraham Krasner, linebacker for the New York Leopards

AP: Rumor has it you’re involved with sports journalist Tamar Rosenfeld.

AK: Tamar and I grew up together. Since she moved to the city we’ve run into each other a lot, but that’s our business.

AP: Isn’t that a conflict of interest, as she’s reporting on your team?

AK: That’s assuming she has my best interests at heart.

AP: Tell us about the scrutiny the Leopards management has been under—partially from Rosenfeld.

AK: The Leopards are my family, and I’m completely loyal to them. Though my first loyalties lie with Tamar… It’s going to be an interesting season.


Kat Latham interviews Liam Callaghan, London Legends Rugby Club team captain

KL: Let’s start easy. What did you think the first time you saw Tess Chambers?

Liam: [laughs] Pink hair, wet T-shirt—I don’t know whether to be frightened or turned on.

KL: You’ve accomplished a lot. What achievement are you proudest of?

Liam: If my mates ask, it’s winning the Rugby World Cup for England. If anyone else asks, it’s finally winning Tess’s trust. Both happened on the same day—a bloody brilliant day.

KL: If you could be anywhere other than here right now, where would you be?

Liam: [slow, sexy grin] Well, there’s this waterfall in Venezuela…


Rebecca Crowley interviews Regan Hunter, Grand Slam-winning tennis player

RC: How’ve you been?

Regan: How long is this going to take?

RC: Do you have to be somewhere?

Regan: Always.

RC: Hitting the court?

Regan: Not exactly.

RC: Let me guess, you’re meeting Ben?

Regan: [slow smile] Maybe.

RC: Things are going well with you two?

Regan: It’s hard to stay mad at a guy with an accent like that.

RC: The six-pack doesn’t hurt either, huh?

Regan: Are we done here?


Rhonda Shaw interviews Jerry Smutton, Ace of the Detroit Rockets

RS:  Hey Jerry!  How’s baseball going?

JS:  Awesome.  After struggling last season, it’s good to put that behind me.

RS:  So, after the “incident” at the park last year…

JS:  Did you see that?  That was hilarious! [chuckles]  I still give her shit about that.

RS:  She was pretty funny, but has Karen behaved since then?

JS:  [wide grin] Behave?  Karen?

RS:  Yeah, that might be asking too much.  How are things going with you two?

JS:  She hasn’t killed me yet. [laughs]

RS:  But seriously, things are good?

JS:  I couldn’t be happier.  I’m crazy about that girl.  She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.


Kate Willoughby interviews Tim Hollander, forward for the San Diego Barracuda hockey club

KW: What do you love about your job?

Tim: My team, hands down. When we’re out there working as a five-man unit, it’s like magic.

KW: Three words that describe Erin.

Tim: [chuckling] Only three? Shit. Okay. Funny as hell, gorgeous…and dedicated. Your kid gets sick? You want Erin as your nurse.

KW: That’s more than three, Tim.

Tim: [grinning] Hey, I’m a hockey player, not a mathematician.

KW: Okay, free association, first thing that comes into your mind—hockey.

Tim: The Stanley Cup.

KW: Love.

Tim: Erin.

KW: Limousine?

Tim: [turns beet red] No comment.


Readers, do you like sports romance? Do you have a favorite sport to read about?



Book blurbs

Tap Out by Michele Mannon

Michele Mannon’s second book, TAP OUT, in the Worth the Fight series, features an underwear model turned MMA superstar, and a reporter who just won’t take no for an answer.

Don’t miss book one, Knock Out! | |Barnes & Noble |Carina Press |Google Play|Goodreads

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Imaginary Lines by Allison Parr

Meet gorgeous NFL linebacker Abraham Krasner in IMAGINARY LINES by Allison Parr. Tamar fell hopelessly in love with Abe at age twelve but knew he’d never see her as more than the girl-next-door. Years later she gets a sports journalist job covering Abe’s team and the sparks fly

Read more about the New York Leopards in Rush Me and Running Back! | |Barnes & Noble |Carina Press |Google Play |iBooks |Goodreads

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Playing It Close by Kat Latham

Kat Latham writes the London Legends series about the world’s hottest rugby team. Book two, PLAYING IT CLOSE, features the team captain and a scandalous woman with whom he spent one passionate night and never thought he’d see again—until she turns out to be his team’s newest sponsor.

Meet Liam’s teammate Spencer Bailey in Knowing the Score! | |Barnes & Noble |Carina Press |Google Play|iBooks |Goodreads

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Love in Straight Sets by Rebecca Crowley

In Rebecca Crowley’s LOVE IN STRAIGHT SETS, love and ambition go head-to-head. Professional tennis player Regan Hunter’s temper is almost as notorious as her unstoppable serve, but her anger when player-turned-coach Ben Percy attempts to wrest control from her grasp is nothing compared to the sizzling attraction that instantly blazes between them. | |Barnes & Noble |Carina Press |Google Play |iBooks |Goodreads

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The Ace by Rhonda Shaw

The Men of the Show series, written by Rhonda Shaw, follows the sexy and irresistible men on the Detroit Rockets baseball team. In the second book, THE ACE, a friends-with-bennies agreement quickly turns into long, romantic evenings. But denial is the name of the game…until a line drive to the forehead threatens to erase all that’s happened.

Meet Jerry’s teammate Chase Patton in The Changeup! | |Barnes & Noble |Carina Press |Google Play |iBooks|Goodreads

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On the Surface by Kate Willoughby

Kate Willoughby’s In the Zone series invites you into the locker room and the love lives of the NHL San Diego Barracudas. In book one, ON THE SURFACE, Erin thinks all Tim wants is another notch on his hockey stick, when what he’s really shooting for is forever. | |Barnes & Noble |Carina Press |Google Play |iBooks |Goodreads

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