As Downton Abbey’s season was ending PBS began a full-on press for Mr. Selfridge. I was intrigued by the trailers and looked forward to the first episode last Sunday. I’m a big fan of costume dramas, and the costumes looked gorgeous for this early 1900s drama. Add in a London setting and shopping, and it seemed a sure winner for me.

As I watched the first episode last Sunday I found my attention wandering. Sure, the costumes are fantastic, and some of the secondary characters are interesting, but Jeremy Piven as Mr. Selfridge failed to hold my interest. I was also a bit surprised that the store went from a hole in the ground at the beginning of the episode to the early weeks (or months?) of its opening by the end. Everything felt just a bit rushed.

I am intrigued by the character of Mr. Selfridge, someone I’d never thought about before. I found myself doing Google searches about Mr. Selfridge while watching the show. I also remain interested in the time period and setting. I hope I like the second episode more than the first. While I’ll continue watching it my be in DVR rather than live so I can fast forward if I choose.

Did you watch Mr. Selfridge last week? Or if you live in the U.K., have you watched the first season? What are your thoughts?

And if you know nothing about it, there’s an interesting trailer here to check out, as I seem no longer capable of adding videos to the blog :)


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