iceThis week, I had to go on a two-day business trip – my first of that sort. Now I own a perfectly useful rucksack, which I take on weekend trips if there’s not enough stuff to fill a suitcase. But a rucksack not smart. So I took out my largest handbag and tried to fit in everything I would need for two days and one night. Here’s what got packed:

  • the train tickets, my wallet and keys, sunglasses, a couple of pens and a small note pad which I always carry in my handbag
  • two thin plastic folders with business documents
  • my trusted ebook reader
  • earplugs to listen to the radio on the train (I don’t own an MP3-player)
  • a few printouts with sudoku and other puzzles
  • a change of underwear, a thin nightie and a spare T-shirt and tights (my skirt and jacket were of the sort that don’t crease – hooray for jersey fabrics)
  • a silk scarf in case of drafts
  • a small bag of toiletries with all creams and lotions filled in very small containers (by now I even have deodorant in lotion form which can be rebottled)
  • a pair of plastic slides to serve as slippers
  • a water bottle, some nuts, a fruit bar and some crackers – I hate it when I go hungry on trips

I did fit it all in. The bag looked a bit bulging, though, and not quite as elegant as I had intended. And my, it got heavy! Yet, compared to the rucksack I still felt this was the better solution. I may have to look for a bigger handbag, though …

What items are indispensable when you pack for a short trip like this? What sort of bags do you prefer for such trips? Any tips how one can diminish the amount of luggage even further?

– Rike Horstmann

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