British TV has become something of an obsession with me. First it was Downton Abbey quickly followed by Sherlock and Inspector Lewis. Then Call the Midwife, followed by Foyle’s War. Now I am cheerfully glomming my way through New Tricks. This comedy-drama follows the work of UCOS, a fictional part of the Metropolitan Police Service that concentrates on what we in America call “cold cases”. It is made up of retired police detectives who re-examine old cases when new information comes to light.

The team is led by the lovely Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman (Amanda Redman). Sandra was on the fast track for promotion before accidentally shooting a dog and getting side tracked into UCOS. Her team is made up of former mentor, retired Detective Chief Superintendent John (Jack) Halford (James Bolam), retired Detective Inspector Brian Lane (Alun Armstrong) and three time divorcee and current ladies man retired Detective Sergeant Gerry Standing (Dennis Waterman). Each man brings a special talent to the table. Gerry is good with connections, knowing people at a glance and having plenty of contacts always ready to spill the dirt. Brian, nick named Memory Lane, is full of tidbits about former crimes, former cops and useful forensics. Jack and Sandra are the “proper coppers” who know the law and how to use it to their advantage. The show does a great job of mixing fun and intellect to arrive at a solution to a crime once thought unsolvable.

I have to say that among the many things I love about this show is the lack of ageism. In America young beautiful stars seem to be a must. Sure we have the occasional Golden Girls or Murder, She Wrote but the bulk of our shows celebrate the young and lovely. It’s nice to see the older and wiser being shown as active and important part of our world. And it wouldn’t be right to tell you how much I am loving this latest glom without giving my thanks to Kay Webb Harrison for the recommendation.

So that is my latest TV on DVD obsession. And I have to tell you, I adore the instant gratification of coming so late to the series. I’ve been able to watch eight years worth of episodes over a summer of viewing. I’m just sorry I am close to catching up and going live. So what TV obsession captured you this summer?

-Maggie AAR

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