In case you didn’t follow us at the old blog, you might not know that I am completely geeked out about True Blood, the HBO series based on Charlaine Harris’ addictive Sookie Stackhouse series.

This new trailer has me…well, even more geeked out.  Much Sookie, Bill, Sam, and Eric goodness abounds.  Okay, I am on Team Eric, but can I also say that I am loving Sam?  The actor who’s playing him brings a kind of sweet sexiness to the part that has me mentally re-casting Blue from Ruth Wind’s In the Midnight Rain.

For anybody wanting to catch up before the season two premiere on June 14th, DVDs are out May 19th.

A hint of goodness to come:  I’m in touch with HBO, a network that recognizes the value of the AAR audience, and…well, I’ll just say watch this space.

-Sandy AAR

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