New Year, New Books?

happynewyear Happy New Year! Now that 2012 has started, everything just feels so fresh and new. I have a new page-a-day calendar, I’m getting used to writing a new date, and somehow after the fun of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, the world just seems shiny and new for my first day back online. So, of course 2012 means starting with all-new books, right?

Not so fast. There are certainly more than a few books I’m looking forward to reading this year. I recently read a book by Nadia Lee that I enjoyed, and I’m hoping the next installment in the series will be out in 2012. Laura Lee Guhrke and Kaki Warner have new books out in January that I want, and Delilah Marvelle is starting a series in 19th century New York that sounds more than a little bit intriguing. Janice Kay Johnson has at least one new series title coming out this year that I know of, I’m finding word of three new books in the works for Carla Kelly, and I really want to read the book Judith James has planned for this year. Many other autobuys of mine in subgenres from romantic suspense to paranormal to historical also have books coming out this year, and I’m sure many other debuts and new-to-me authors will catch my eye.

However, that’s not the full picture. I hope the new stuff will be wonderful; I’m always up for wonderful reading. With books I love, savoring them is important to me as well. Literary snobs who consider romance disposable may not get it, but I really love reading some of my favorite books over and over again. The croquet scene in Julia Quinn’s The Viscount Who Loved Me is hilarious enough to stand up to extra readings. And the many layers of the relationship between Lizzy and William in Libertine’s Kiss? Oh, that needs way more than just one reading. The poetry that Judith James includes in this book begs to be appreciated for more than just a quick skim through, as well.

Complex paranormal and fantasy worlds find themselves enhanced on several readings as well. Or, I should say that the good ones do. When I read books by authors such as Nalini Singh, C.L. Wilson, Keri Arthur or Vicki Pettersson, I enjoy myself greatly and I also know that I will see even more in their worlds when I make the time to visit them again. In this way, I anticipate 2012 being a year of finding great new reads and hopefully great new authors, but I also hope to make it a year where I have time to discover new things that I never dreamed would lurk inside old favorites of mine.

What about you? What are you planning to read or revisit this year?

– Lynn Spencer

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