We all make them, regardless of the arbitrariness of the notion.  What will we change in the new year?  As there are only a few days left of 2010, I’m going to share one of my resolutions with you, one that I hope you also will consider making.

That goal is to eliminate my own use of bottled water and grocery bags.

This is a lofty goal, to be sure, one that I probably won’t meet entirely, but I hope to do my best to maintain.  It’s a two-fold goal.  First is the obvious:  reduce my own consumption of plastics.  Recycling is only one part of that triangle– reducing and reusing is just as important.

Second is to change my own mindset, and focus more on personal responsibility rather than to on-the-go convenience — thinking about where I’ll be and what I’ll need before I leave my apartment.  There are so many products that are making this easier– reusable shopping bags and water bottles that roll up to fit easily in your purse or bag so you can carry them all the time, without being bulky or heavy.  And a $10 roll-up bottle and some tap water is a lot cheaper than dozens of bottles of Dasani, isn’t it? (Ever notice that “evian” is “naive” spelled backwards?)

I know I won’t be perfect– I’ll leave them at home, I’m sure, and need to ask for a bag or buy a bottle of water.  But I hope that I’ll manage to be more conscientious about my usage — and I hope that you consider the same in 2011.

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