I definitely have too much stuff in my house.  Years ago I had a house fire and lost 95% of what I owned.  Now there are some things that I miss dearly, but to be honest, there are some things that it was a relief to lose.   Like my clarinet that I played in the fifth grade or the old fashion bonnet hair dryer or all my year books from seventh grade through high school and even some of my baby clothes.      

Now I feel overwhelmed again.  One reason is both my parents are dead and I kept a lot of their possessions, like my mother’s Christmas Department 56 Dickens’ houses and all the accessories.  I never put these out.  Each year I say that I am, but it doesn’t  happen.  I am just not a knick-knack person and I like simple decorations.

I have  two hope chests now – one my great-grandmother’s and one my mother’s.  I called my aunt tonight with the intention of asking her if my cousin would like our great- grandmother’s hope chest but I couldn’t get the words out.  My grandmother gave it to me, and that is special, even though I don’t really have room for it, and would never buy a cedar chest.  But I  feel like I can’t let go of my mother’s either.  I can be ruthless on some things but it is difficult for me to be that way with items my grandmother or mother loved.

I tend to buy duplicates of items. For example,  I have four or five lunch bags – you know the insulated bags.  One is small, one is large, and then my employer gave me one, and I just bought a Vera Bradley one to match my work bag so I look all organized and co-ordinated.  I also have three clock radios.  One by Sony that plays C.D.’s, one by iHome for my Nano and one that allowed me to play and charge  my iPhone.  Since I bought that one I upgraded my phone and the shape is different so now I just wake up to the ugly buzz in the morning. The radios don’t bother me because I have one in my spare bedroom for company, one in the kitchen and one in my bedroom.   So they almost can be considered necessities.

Wouldn’t you  love to be on a television show like Clean Sweep?  I would!

Although this week I am starting to address the clutter.  I threw out most of my Georgette Heyer’s books because they were so old and dusty.  I probably had many of them close to twenty five years.  I know, I can hear you gasp  but honestly they were an asthma attack waiting to happen.

And I am thinking long and hard about the cedar chest and the Dickens’ Christmas houses.

Do you have any hints about how to de-clutter?  Do you have items in your home that you don’t love but can’t get rid of because of sentimental value? How often do you go through your possessions and ruthlessly sell or give it away?


– Leigh AAR

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