I’m a real sucker for reality dance shows on TV, and am totally delighted that So You Think You Can Dance started up again last week. And soon, Dancing With the Stars will be on again (although I’m much less excited about it this time around).

But Katie Mack’s post about The Chemistry of Dance got me thinking about dance movies. Because honestly, my love of dance started long, long ago. I have definitely enjoyed most of the movies Katie mentioned (and will check out others that I haven’t seen). But, for me, my all-time favorite dance movies are any movies featuring Fred Astaire.

I’ll admit I can’t remember the plots for most of his movies, because they absolutely don’t matter to me. It’s his charm, his grace, his dancing. I had such a hard time picking out a clip to post here. Should it be Say It With Firecrackers from Holiday Inn? Or how about Hard to Handle from Roberta? Finally, I came down to this clip from Swing Time (1936), because it features my favorite of his dance partners, Ginger Rogers.

Do you like Fred Astaire movies? If so, which are your favorite movies and dance sequences?