reef_w_fanning top

Looks like a regular jandal, right? 

Wrong.  This is the bottom:


Yup.  It’s a bottle opener. 

I had no idea what to expect when I went shopping for jandals (aka flip-flops, aka thongs) on my last day with the Kiwis.  My thin, not-so-crappy-as-I-thought, $5 pair from Old Navy had lasted a surprisingly long time, but I reached my limits when they developed holes in the soles.  And when I tried them on, I decided that Reef actually lives up to its claim of being “Ridiculously comfortable”. 

But the bottle opener – that’s just ridiculous. 

Any particularly ridiculous products you’ve seen recently that you’d like to share?

(No, I didn’t get those jandals.  But yes, I bought a pair of non-bottle-opening Reefs.  And although they are possibly the most boring jandals I’ve ever seen, they are heaven to walk on.)

– Jean AAR

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