12Sta072No report of visiting Bavaria is complete without mentioning the food.  It’s just that delicious! When I speak of Bavarian food, what I really mean is Southern German and Austrian food, because reciped have been traded in these regions for centuries, local cuisines have enriched each other and the result is a variety of cooking that is similar in all these areas.

I want to begin with the beer, because no proper Bavarian would dream of sitting down for a full meal without a beer. There are several sorts, most important Pils, Helles (similar to but not the same as lager), and Weißbier. For those who try to avoid alcohol, there is alcohol-reduced beer and alcohol-free beer these days. I prefer the latter; when we went to Oktoberfest last weekend and I ordered some there, my husband was quite shocked it was actually available! Alcohol-free beer used to be scoffed at by almost everybody, but’s it’s been discovered recently to serve very well as a wholly natural energy-drink which does not have too many calories either, so it’s quite popular right now! But to get the real experience, I suggest you try a pint of Helles. Lovely tasting beer, and not easily available outside Southern Bavaria.

For food, if you want a cold snack I can only recommend Obazda, which I have blogged about before. For a warm meal my husband likes Schweinsbraten (roast pork) best, while I prefer Kasspatzen (also known as Kässpätzle) with fried onions (see below).


You never ever consider counting calories while you are eating Bavarian cuisine. Instead you sit down and enjoy!

– Rike Horstmann