Generally, there’s TV Sandy and Romance Sandy and rarely do the two meet.  Most of the time, my taste in TV (which is kind of edgy) precludes my getting attached to the usual Lifetime or Hallmark Channel “romance” movies.  True Blood?  A series based on one of my favorite romance series?  How often does that happen?  But, based on the two episodes that have aired so far, there just might be a new series to brings my two sides together.

Created by two former Lost writers, Once Upon a Time is a series with parallel story lines, one that takes place in fairy tale world and another that takes place in the town of Storybrooke, Maine. In fairy tale land,  the characters are cursed by the Evil Queen who condemns them to be banished to Storybrooke without their happy endings.  In today’s world, they don’t know about their true identities and, in true Lost fashion, we follow the characters in fairy tale land and in the world today.

So far, we’ve met Snow White (a teacher today) and Prince Charming (a coma patient), the Evil Queen (the mayor), and Rumplestiltskin (the man who “owns the town”).  Also present in the modern world is Emma Swan, a young woman who appears to be the child of Snow White and her Prince and who may be the only person who can “save” the characters in the modern world.  It’s a bit complicated, I know, but then it’s two former Lost writers.

At any rate, I’m intrigued by the show and it’s fairy tale focus — which is sumptuously filmed — since I’ve always loved fairy tales.  Ginnifer Godwin of Big Love is a great Snow White and the actor who plays the prince is vigorous and strong and not at all wimpy, a complaint I’ve had with previous romance heroes on TV. The Evil Queen is suitably e-e-e-e-v-i-l, even in her guise as a modern day mayor.  In short, after two episodes, it’s all shaping up nicely.

The show airs on Sunday nights at 8 p.m., eastern time, and it wouldn’t surprise me if ABC doesn’t work in a repeat here or there since ratings have been high.

So, what do you think?  Have you seen the show?  Are you as intrigued as I am?

– Sandy AAR

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