babysweater That’s right.  It’s not just the TBR pile that gets out of control at my house.  I’m also a yarnoholic.  I started knitting 3 years ago, and I’ve amassed way more yarn than I want to admit to.  Every time I go into the yarn store or pass through the craft aisle at AC Moore, I see something that looks intriguing. 

Since it seems like everyone I know is having babies, I am constantly buying baby yarn to make little projects. Then there are the yarn colors so incredibily perfect and beautiful to the eye that I simply cannot pass them up – and I know just what to make from them as soon as I have the time! And then there’s the final pitfall – yarn fondling. When I make the mistake of actually touching the yarn, it can be difficult to put back. Angoras and soft merino wools will not let me out of their snare.

I never thought I’d be a knitter. I always admired the projects my friends made, but I’ve always liked to be out and about. Aside from curling up to read, I’ve never really stayed in one place long enough to be all that crafty. And that’s not even touching my utter lack of coordination. When my aunt taught me how to embroider, I employed a lovely rose pattern to sew myself to the armchair.

Still, when a friend of mine started giving knitting lessons, I decided to be a good sport and try it out. To my great surprise, I loved it! I love the feel and smell of the yarn, watching the beautiful patterns it makes as it gets knitted together, and most of all, I like the way that knitting makes me feel. The soft sounds of the needles moving together and the feel of the yarn moving through them soothes me. I still read quite a bit, but I also like to knit for an hour or so at night while watching television. Aside from occasionally having to wrestle the end of a bamboo needle away from Emma-cat (she likes to chew on them), it’s a perfect island of calm.

I’m sure I’ll get through that storage container of yarn eventually. And in the meantime, I have to admit I do like to go visit the yarn and pet it sometimes.

-Lynn Spencer

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I enjoy spending as much time as I can between the covers of a book, traveling through time and around the world. When I'm not having adventures with fictional characters, I'm an attorney in Virginia and I love just hanging out with my husband, little man, and the cat who rules our house.