Labrador-Retriever-PuppiesWe have a new addition to our family – a little black lab named Millie.  I say she’s little, but she’s already reached 34 pounds at 3 1/2 months of age.  She’s precious and smart and loves to play. 

We waited a long time to add a new dog to the family.  Two years ago we lost our family pet, a chocolate lab named Chloe, and I couldn’t stand the idea of replacing her for a long time.  I’d had her since college when my husband, then boyfriend, gave her to me as a gift. We had to put the decision off a bit longer when we decided to move and needed to wait until we were settled before adding to the family.  In May, we were finally ready. 

If you haven’t noticed, we’re breed loyal though we did consider shelter dogs and a Golden Retriever.  I’d never realized finding a lab to function as a family pet and not as a hunter would be so hard.  But after a whole lot of looking and phone calls, we found a reputable breeder in north Georgia.  Of the eight puppies in the litter, we picked Millie almost immediately since she seemed the most laid back of the bunch – adorable too. 

After learning not to howl at the wind chimes every time the wind blows, she’s been great.  She chews and digs, but she’s a puppy and we expect that sort of behavior.  I have to admit that I’d forgotten just how expensive puppies can be.  We have our last set of puppy shots coming up soon and I’ll be so grateful since visits to the vet every three weeks add up.  Millie (and the kids too!) will have a newly fenced back yard to play in this week so she doesn’t have to spend quite so much time on a leash.  I’m really looking forward to seeing her run as much as she wants.  I also have to add that she really likes the family cat too, but I don’t think the feeling is mutual.   

Is anyone else breed loyal or have new pet additions?

AAR Heather

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