Every four years, I really dislike this time of year. Oh, the weather is still wonderful as it is finally cooling down. I enjoy the Fall colors too. It is the constant bombardment of politics that drives me crazy. Don’t get me wrong. I am extremely grateful that I have the privilege of voting. And I do believe in free speech.

The comments that bother me are not from the candidates, or on television or the newspaper. I can control that. It is from people that I know. And political comments pop up anywhere. I am following several people on Twitter and all of a sudden I am getting Tweets about politicians. It is the same on Facebook too. I have no problem with people stating that they really like so and so stand on women’s rights. But instead they phrase it as “any woman who votes for X is an idiot.” Or when talking about the economy they state “I can’t believe anyone would vote for that ___hole.” Comments like that take me back, especially if they are from people I know.

Four years ago I worked with one co-worker who sent commentaries using the company’s e-mail about the ruin of life as we know it, if one individual was elected. She finally ended up sending it to the wrong person and is no longer working there.

Did you know that talking politics at work can get you fired?  Check out this article on AOL or this older one on Bloomberg Businessweek.

And while you think you’re following all the rules by not talking about it in the workplace, it is a good bet that you are friends with your co-workers, even your boss on Facebook or that they follow you on Twitter. If you phrase your comments wrong, you just might be insulting a friend.

What are your feelings about this?

– Leigh

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