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Shelley Dodge conducted polls at AAR between its inception and 2004

Shelley Dodge – Like everyone connected to AAR I am an avid reader. I tend to be an eclectic reader in that I like science fiction, fantasy and mystery as well as romance. I especially like cross-over novels – mysteries or science fiction with strong romantic subplots, paranormal romances or romantic suspense. My first love, though, is historical romance. Georgette Heyer is a goddess and I also love Stephanie Laurens, Julia Quinn, Amanda Quick, Joan Wolf, and Loretta Chase (to name just a few). In the real world I work in customer service and, although I love my job, it has taught me to really value good, light, escapism along with the darker more angst-driven stories I used to read almost exclusively. I live in Washington State, near Seattle, and am very lucky to share a house with my sister, Marjorie, BIL Andy, and nephew William. William is 11 and lets me indulge myself by raiding his bookshelves. He also knows I am a soft touch when it comes to bookstore trips. Marjorie is also an avid reader (I get to take responsibility for addicting her to romance) and since we overlap about 60% in our likes and dislikes we get to have many late night debates over tea and books at our kitchen table.

I love discussing books and am looking forward to reviewing as a way to do that and to expand the boundries of my reading.