moviesLast month Dabney talked about her resolution to go to one movie a month. I go in streaks with movies. I’ll go for months, sometimes years, without seeing any current films in the theater. And during those periods I’ll only catch the occasional movie on TV. Then, a movie will come out that reminds me how much I love movies and I’m back on track, watching at least one movie a week, or more, in the theaters.

I was in a bit of a movie slump for most of 2011. I saw the last Harry Potter movie, but that’s it. Then a couple friends convinced me that as someone who likes to visit Paris, I really should see Midnight in Paris. I used to love Woody Allen movies but gave up on him years ago. Still, I trusted these friends’ opinions so gave it a chance. It was too late to catch it in a theater so I watched on video. Even though I usually find Owen Wilson annoying, I really enjoyed the movie. And amazingly, that was all it took. Suddenly my interest in seeing movies was rekindled.

With the Academy Awards coming up in just a few weeks (now just one week) I decided to focus on catching up with movies that have been nominated for an award. In addition to Midnight in Paris, I’ve seen three other Best Picture nominees: The Help, The Artist, and Hugo. I know that The Artist has swept most of the pre-Oscar awards, but while I liked it, my definite favorite of the ones I’ve seen is Hugo. Visually brilliant, the story held my attention from beginning to end. I hope to catch Moneyball on TV this weekend, but that’ll probably be it for me for the Best Picture nominees.

I may see The Iron Lady in the theater before the Academy Awards. With time running out, that may be the end of my pre-Academy Award preparations.

I’m not sure how long my current interest in the movies will last. I’ve seen a lot of trailers recently, and the May release, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel looks like a lot of fun. Hopefully there will be some more movies between now and May that catch my attention.

Have you seen any of the Academy Award nominees? If so, what are your favorites? And are there any upcoming movies that are going to be must-sees for you?

– LinnieGayl

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