You might have heard about E!’s new show Bridalplasty.  It’s a show in which 12 brides-to-be compete to win plastic surgeries off their “wish list” before their wedding.  The last girl standing wins a celebrity dream wedding, and when the groom lifts her veil, he sees the “new” her for the first time.

Horrifying, right?  A lot of news outlets and blogs have picked up on this, wondering what this new form of entertainment means about our society.  When I first heard about it a few months ago, I had been disgusted, and then dismissed it.  But then I found out that one of those girls, competing to get sliced and diced and injected with toxins?  Well, I know her.

Distantly, mind you; but she was a year above me in high school, was friends with one of my friends, and was in a dance class with me for a year.  We were never close, and I would be surprised if she even remembers me; I hadn’t thought about her in years, before someone told me that she was on this monstrosity of a show.  It’s made me sort of fascinated with the show, in a slow-motion-car-crash sort of way.  I missed the first episode, but I might tune in to the next one.

I’m not morally opposed to all forms of plastic surgery.  Some of the things on the competitors’ “wish lists” are fairly legitimate.  One woman, who had been on the Biggest Loser, wants to get her tummy tucked.  I guess since she’s recently lost a lot of weight, it might make sense to get rid of the excess skin.  The one I knew once upon a time wants to get a mole removed– understandable, as it could be cancerous.  But getting a toe shortened?  Liposuctioning every single part of your body?  Reducing your gums?

If women want to Botox themselves once they reach a certain age, okay, fine — I understand why, and while I don’t necessarily agree with it, that’s your own prerogative.  But the thing is… these girls are young.  Several are 20, 21, 22 years old, and I don’t think any of them are past their 20s.  They don’t need Botox, and the fact that they think they do need it — or need any of these unnecessary surgeries — is sad and reflects poorly on our society.

The best thing that’s coming out of this show, I think, is the backlash.  Maybe that was the point all along.  But to counteract that video above, I’m going to include another one that has a slightly different message.

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