Reviews by E.L. Hussey

Asking for It

As I read Louise O’Neill’s Asking For It, I had mixed feelings. I hated the story; it was not a pleasant read, and it left me feeling unsatisfied. Ironically though, the reason why I now appreciate it so much is because of how uncomfortable and angry I was while and after reading it. I knew goi ...

Dear Emma

I liked this book a lot more prior to writing its review. Overall it was well-written, funny, and extremely easy to read. I finished the book in a few days, which is exceptionally quick for me since I am in college and do not have a great deal of time to dedicate to reading lengthy novels. However, ...

Modern Romance

When I first heard that Aziz Ansari was releasing a book about romance, I thought it was going to be chapters full of his stand-up sketches bemoaning the methods of dating in today’s world. I still wanted to read it because I think Ansari is hilarious; however, I did not expect his book to be part ...