Reviews by Shelley Dodge

Emily's Beau

Emily’s Beau starts at the beginning of the Season in 1818, when Jacob Winters, the Earl of Hawthorne, is notified that he has a ward. A young woman, the daughter of one of the officers who had served with the Earl’s father in India, was left in his care after the death of her mother. Harriet Ni ...

Behind the Red Doors

Behind the Red Doors is the latest themed anthology from Harlequin. It contains three interlinked novellas by Vicki Lewis Thompson, Stephanie Bond, and Leslie Kelly. The Red Doors of the title is a store opened by two best friends; Jamie Ruskin and Faith Sherman. Jamie and Faith have come up with th ...

Portrait in Death

Portrait in Death is the 16th entry in J.D. Robb’s In Death series, featuring police officer Eve Dallas and her husband, Roarke.At the beginning of the novel, Eve is called in to investigate a particularly troublesome murder. After killing a young university student, the killer contacts the ne ...

Nobody But You

One of the great perks of reviewing is that you sometimes end up reading a book that you otherwise might have let stay in the TBR pile for awhile. For me, that was the case with Julie Kenner's Nobody But You. I would have picked up the book anyway, because it sounds fun and has some really great cov ...

Living Large

As a fan of short story anthologies, I am always on the look out for new titles to enjoy. Living Large from Signet was a nice treat for my short story addiction. The contemporary romance anthology features four stories about plus sized women of color. The heroines were refreshingly confident about t ...

A Dangerous Fancy

When A Dangerous Fancy opens, it is 1890 and Alexander Drake has just retuned from an assignment abroad in the service of the British government. Because Alex is a friend of Prince Edward, one of the first things he does is to go to attend the Prince at their club. Upon walking into the Prince’s ...

A Country Courtship

My reaction to Donna Simpson’s A Country Courtship was startling. It is rare to find a book that manages to be both boring and teeth-grittingly annoying. I procrastinated on this review because I like traditional Regency Romances and was hoping I would find something to like in this book. The fact ...

Border Bride

Deborah Hale's Border Bride takes place along the border of Wales and England during the Crusades, Conwy ap Ifan is returning home after 13 years spent as a warrior in the Holy Land. Although happy to see his homeland, Con is there with another agenda. He is to speak with the Welsh lords on behalf ...

Be My Baby Tonight

Kasey Michaels' Be My Baby Tonight was a fun surprise. I have read and enjoyed her traditional Regency Romances, but had never read one of her contemporary releases. So I requested to review this book without knowing much about it. I soon realized two things: the hero is a baseball player and the sp ...

Murder Most Romantic

This anthology edited by Denise Little and Martin H. GreenbergIt also features stores by D. R. Meredith, Jody Lynn Nye, and Mary Watson ...