Reviews by Sybil Cook

The Man from Stone Creek

I have more than a few Linda Lael Miller novels on my favorites list. Since her name is in a bigger font than the title of this book, it is probably a safe bet to say that she shows up on many people's favorites lists. It is disappointing that The Man from Stone Creek will not be added to mine. ...

Wed Under Western Skies

I adore a good Harlequin Historical. Make it a good Western Historical and I am in heaven. So when I saw that my three favorite Western Harlequin Historical authors were going to be in an anthology together, I was beyond excited. Two of the authors came through, although the first didn't live up t ...

The Bounty

The Bounty was originally published with another e-publisher, but has been significantly edited and expanded (adding about 5,000 words) for the Samhain reissue. It is worth another look if you enjoyed it the first time, and is a treat for Western Historical fans as well as those who have never trie ...

When Good Things Happen To Bad Boys

I should get this out of the way and say I like the title When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys. It amuses me, so take the rest of the review with that as the salt around the margarita. This is one of my favorite multi-author anthologies to date. I say to date because the long running Brava series ...


Kelley Armstrong gives us more characters and complexity with every novel. At times it feels like you are biting off more than you can chew, but she always manages to steal you back before you fall over the edge and become overwhelmed. Haunted has a little something for every paranormal reader. ...

Deep Breath

Deep Breath is a great ride - once you are on the road, you don't want to stop. If you are not familiar with the series, this is the seventh and second to last installment in Alison Kent's SG-5 series (Smithson Group). They all stand alone, although that might not be true for the last book, Beyond ...

Share the Darkness

Share the Darkness caught my eye in March while browsing through Harlequin's website. It has a great cover, something Blaze has been offering up more of lately, but it was the plot caused me to pick it up when it was released. Sadly, Jill Monroe's second novel didn't work nearly as well as I had h ...

Bad Boys Ahoy!

Bad Boys Ahoy! is pretty much what you should expect from the long running Brava series. It is fun, fast and full of the other f-word I don't think the filters will let me use. In fact this might be a little more sex than the typical Bad Boy reader is used to, but Sylvia Day manages to introduce t ...

Spell of the Highlander

Karen Marie Moning is one of the few, if not only Time Travel authors I have ever been able to read. The books are fun and don't seem to take themselves too seriously without completely mocking the genre. I open a KMM book expecting a good time, a hunky Celtic, and a curse or two thrown in for good ...

Heiress for Hire

Heiress For Hire is a poor little rich girl story, which can be a really hard to sell. I honestly thought it would be tough to live up to A Date With the Other Side, but Erin McCarthy proved I had no reason to worry; her new book is priceless. This is Amanda Delmar's book and how she interacts with ...