Reviews by Nanette Donahue

Blood of the Rose

I need to confess two things: First, vampires in the Tudor court are a hard sell for me and, second, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the first book in this series. I don’t have problems with historical romances that contain vampires or other supernatural creatures, but, as a history buff, I ...

A Marriage of Inconvenience

This book follows a House Party plot: A group of characters travel to a central location for a large event (in this case, a wedding), find themselves thrown together, and romance ensues. The focus in this novel is on two families, the Arringtons and the Wright-Gordons.Lucy Jones is the penniless ...

Highland Master

When it comes to stereotypical romance heroes, brawny Scotsmen are right up there with Regency rakes and billionaire bachelor tycoons. Many a romance heroine has lost her heart to a man in a kilt. Lady Catriona Mackintosh, heroine of Amanda Scott’s latest Scottish romance, is about to lose hers to ...

Crown of Crystal Flame

Five years ago, if someone had told me that I’d become a passionate fan of a fantasy romance series featuring flying cats and evil, soul-stealing mages, I’d have scoffed. Then I read C.L. Wilson’s debut novel Lord of the Fading Lands and I was hooked. If you’re used to reading more realistic ...

Troubled Waters

Zoe Ardelay was raised by her father, a former advisor to Welce’s King Vernon. She remembers little of her family’s life at the court in Chialto, and she is unsure as to why or how her father fell from favor. Raised in relative isolation, she knows little of the politics of her homeland’s capi ...

Scandal of the Season

I’m more than willing to admit that I am a sucker for a damaged hero. Give me emotional baggage, physical ailments, mommy issues – I’ll take it. But I do have one minor preference when it comes to damaged heroes: I like to know about their issues up-front.Anthony Westfield, Viscount Somert ...

The Countess and the King

There’s one thing that holds true with most royal mistress novels: You know how this story is going to end. Your heroine might find her happy ever after, but chances are, it isn’t going to be found with the king. While there may be a torrid relationship and there likely will be passion and a sen ...

The Accidental Wedding

Maddy Woodford is the Regency version of the woman who does too much. She cares for her orphaned half-siblings as if they were her own children, she keeps her modest house spotlessly tidy, and she helps the needy in her community. But Maddy doesn’t dream of having it all—she’s given up on find ...

Kiss Me Forever

Dixie LePage is at an all-time low. Her engagement has just ended, and she leaves her job as a school librarian to travel to Bringham, a village in southern England, to collect an inheritance left to her by two maiden aunts that she never met. The inheritance includes a substantial sum of money, alo ...

Tempting the Marquess

When Olivia Weston discovers a diary in a dusty, disorganized library, she is intrigued, then fascinated. The diary belonged to Laura, the late wife of the widowed Marquess of Sheldon, Jason Traherne, and tells the story of their fairytale romance. Laura died in a tragic accident, and Jason has shut ...