Reviews by Pat Henshaw

Restless Heart

The film Crazy Heart for which Jeff Bridges won an Academy Award as Best Actor gave audiences a look at one end of a country musician’s journey. In this engrossing book Judd gives insight into the other end of the road – the first few steps in becoming a country star. When a Kentucky radio st ...

Borrowed Light

I’ve often said I’d read anything that Carla Kelly writes – including a laundry list if it was the only thing available. Her new books are auto buys for me, and I’ve worked at picking up copies of her older Regency romances. Now Kelly begins a new path as a romance author, switching conti ...

Must Love Kilts

There’s something elementally vulnerable yet virile about a warrior in a kilt. He’s basically letting it all hang out there and fighting to the death with heavy, sharp weapons. At the least, he brings out the mother in many women; at the most, the lover in them. Mackay plays on this theme of vul ...

The Guy Next Door

I was really looking forward to this anthology of three short romances by authors I’ve read and enjoyed before. I was especially excited about the Lori Foster and Victoria Dahl stories since I’ve read some of their romances more recently than Susan Donovan’s, so I felt a little closer to their ...

The Last Goodbye

When I first read Sarah Mayberry’s She’s Got It Bad, I realized I’d hit upon the kind of romance writer I love best: Quirky and unconventional, but convincing. I immediately glommed her backlist and put She’s Got It Bad on my DIK list. Since that time I’ve found her to be a writer worth fo ...

Animal Magnetism

Long-time fans will be happy to find that Jill Shalvis’ signature light tone and terrific sense of humor are alive and well in her latest novel. Those and a hot former soldier who melts the sidewalk wherever he goes and an irresistible, competent woman who lights up the lives of the people around ...

The Boyfriend of the Month Club

There’s nothing like a satisfying Chick Lit book on a blah winter’s day or on a sunny day at the beach. The machinations of friends and family in a cozy setting while the main character falls in love with the perfect guy becomes the chocolate bar for the soul. Maria Geraci’s The Boyfriend of t ...

Here Comes the Groom

Having read a couple of other Karina Bliss romance novels, I went into this one expecting a quirky, but interesting plot peopled by a complex hero and heroine. Happily, I got exactly what I expected from this New Zealander. When they were thirty, in a bit of fun best friends Jocelyn Swann and Dan ...

A Werewolf in Manhattan

What the world needs is another werewolf series, right? Well, until I read Thompson’s book, I would have answered with a resounding “Not!” But having read the book, I’ve changed my mind. There’s definitely a place for Thompson’s new Wild About You series in the realm of hairy, fang-tooth ...

Unlacing the Innocent Miss

One of my pet peeves predominates in this book, and that peeve seems to be rampant in romances these days: Mind-numbing repetition. Let the hero and heroine tell me why they can’t get together once; draw it out if you like. But don’t keep repeating it throughout the story. I get it already. ...