Reviews by Diana Ketterer

Aphrodite's Flame

Having just read about a teenaged superhero, I picked up Aphrodite's Flame ready to see some superhero adults kick a little villainous butt. Well, they do, but they also prove that having superpowers doesn't make a person secure and confident. This book is part of Julie Kenner's Aphrodite series, wh ...

Super What?

Jessie Drummond is a totally normal fifteen year old girl; her little sister pesters her, her mom makes her trade cute outfits for boring ones, her hair goes haywire at the worst times, and she might need to repeat Algebra I. Oh yeah, and she doesn't have any trace of superpowers, making her the onl ...


Dr. Will Sexton hasn't had sex in a long time: five months, to be precise. He's dating another doctor, but she's saving herself for marriage, and even though he - ahem - pleases her, she doesn't return the favor. Will's libido finds an outlet of sorts in hot, kinky fantasies about his neighbors, two ...