Reviews by Blythe Smith

Kiss the Bride

Kiss the Bride is an anthology where all the stories have some connection to a wedding. Some of the connections are looser than others; really it’s just an excuse to have three stories in the same book. They are all of fair quality, though two have somewhat unusual settings. ...

The Fireman Who Loved Me

The Fireman Who Loved Me is a vaguely pleasant read that at times seems to pit the hero and heroine against each other in a “Who’s the Bigger Doormat Now?” contest. Not exactly what you’d expect from a book with a fire chief hero and television news producer heroine. News producer Meliss ...

Highland Lover

I’ve read a few Amanda Scott books over the years, and they generally come in around the B-/C+ range for me. Highland Lover is similar to the others I’ve read; the historical research is well done, and the plot is just slightly slow and plodding. A slightly-too-naive heroine kicked the grade dow ...

A Week to Be Wicked

Tessa Dare had me at hello. Or rather, at A Week to Be Wicked’s dedication, which reads: “For all the girls who walk and read at the same time." Like the book’s heroine, Minerva...or me. For the record, I only walked into a utility pole that one time. And there might have been a few street sig ...

The Lawman's Vow

A hero who ends up unconscious on a beach after a storm encounters a beautiful maiden, her little brother, and their strange house crafted from an upside down ship. It almost sounds like Shakespeare’s Tempest - except it’s really not that interesting. O mediocre new world with such uninteresting ...

A Rogue by Any Other Name

I’ve got to hand it to an author who can take a premise I don’t think I’ll like and a hero who sounds like a jerk - and turn it all into a book I couldn’t help but enjoy. With its over the top language and sex scenes, A Rogue by Any Other Name skirts the edge of guilty pleasure territory. Bu ...

The Deepest Sin

At the risk of damning with faint praise, I can say that this book is my favorite kind of C read: The uneven kind. Parts of it are quite well done and worth reading, and other parts - well, aren’t. To me that’s a whole lot better than a book that’s simply mediocre from start to finish, but ine ...

Immortal Hope

Why do I find errors pertaining to academe so annoying? They can kill an otherwise good book for me. Immortal Hope is a) full of such errors and b) is not an otherwise good book. Anne MacPherson has just moved into a new home in Atchison, Kansas. She’s a doctoral candidate studyin ...

The Duke's Governess Bride

Miranda Jarrett is a hit-or-miss author that I rediscover every five years or so. She’s not terribly prolific; when I checked, I’d actually read more of her books than I thought. Her forte is definitely her unique settings and thorough research. Her weakness can be characterization - which is th ...

Trouble at the Wedding

J.D. Robb’s Innocent in Death has a line that really resonates with me. It’s something Mavis says to Eve when some people are speculalting that Roarke is cheating: ”All guys have the small jerk gene, it makes them guys. But only some have the big jerk gene. He doesn’t.” Mavis is, of course ...