Amazing Race PhilYes, it’s that time again; we’re nearing the finales for many long-running reality TV shows. This season, the three main shows I’ve watched are: The Amazing Race, Dancing With the Stars, and Survivor. While I’ve enjoyed the other two, I’m afraid I may be pretty much over Dancing With the Stars.

Dancing With the Stars: At the beginning of the season, way too much of the focus was on Kate Gosselin. I never watched her own reality show, and after seeing her on DWTS, have no desire to do so. In addition to being rather mean-spirited, she absolutely couldn’t dance; could barely walk. I thought she would be voted off the first week, but instead, lasted for several weeks.

We also have yet another “ringer” on DWTS this season, in Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger. It’s no big surprise that she’s still on the show; she dances for a living. And yes, I know, after early criticism of that very fact, they had Nicole do a brief interview on the show. I heard her explanation that her dancing as a Pussycat Doll is very different from DWTS. Right; but it’s still dancing.

Now I’m not saying I won’t watch DWTS again, but I’ll be checking very carefully just which celebrities are on the cast before I make my decision.

Survivor: This season, we’ve had another “all star season,” featuring two rival tribes of heroes and villains. According to online rumors, Survivor is now going into an alternating mode of doing a regular season, followed immediately by an all star season. This saves them the money of setting up in a new location, as they use the location from the previous season.

What it also means, is they can slip in someone from the previous season — like villain Russell — and because the previous season is airing while the all star season is being filmed, none of the all stars will know who the person is. In this season, it’s allowed Russell to get very far indeed. While the viewers know how sneaky Russell is from last fall, it’s taken the all stars a long time to catch on to him.

Personally, I’m hoping this is the last season for Russell. I’ve had about enough of his confessionals. I’m also pulling for just about anyone else to beat him this season.

The Amazing Race: This has been a great season for TAR, with some interesting locations (France, Germany, Shanghai), and some genuinely entertaining teams. We’re now down to the finale this Sunday, and while I don’t hate any of the final three teams, I’m definitely rooting for Jet and Cord — The Cowboys. When I saw them on the first show of the season, I thought The Cowboys would probably come in last on the very first leg of the race. Little did I guess that they would end up first so many times, and would be strong contenders to win the whole thing.

What about you? Are you watching any of these shows? How about any other reality shows that I’ve missed? And with the finales of these three coming up soon, can the start of So You Think You Can Dance be far away?

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