As the fall TV season approaches, I’m looking forward to the start of my two favorite fall reality shows, Survivor and The Amazing Race. While I’ve watched Dancing With the Stars most seasons, I’m less than enthused about the cast announced for the upcoming season. I’ll give DWTS a try this fall, but unless there are some big surprises, I may not be watching too much.

However, until the fall season begins, I have some end-of-summer reality shows to watch. Among my favorites are Project Runway, Top Chef, and Chopped.

Project Runway

I’m just not feeling the love for most of the designers this season.No one is jumping out at me for the brilliance of their designs. Admittedly, there are some real “characters” on the show this season, from Casanova (the guy who vacillates between “she’s almost naked or she looks like she”s 70 years old,” to quote Nina Garcia) to Michael C (who the other designers hate but the judges appear to love) to Gretchen (bossy, overconfident) to Ivy (the bitch-edit of the season) to….okay, you get the idea. Lots of different personalities, but so far, little brilliance in design. I liked Peach as a person, but she designed some awful clothes, and didn’t want her to win. And I don’t believe I’ve ever disagreed with the judges more. It seems as if half of the season they’ve picked as the winner a design I would have placed in the bottom three. At this point I’m too addicted to quit watching, but I pretty much don’t care who wins.

Top Chef

There’s been a pretty tight race this season, but we’re now down to the final three of Angelo (who I didn’t like, but picked to win the first night), Ed, and Kevin (who I thought would be kicked off early on). I know lots of people hate Angelo, but he has done some very creative dishes. I really liked Tiffany, and hoped that she would win. At this point, as long as Kevin doesn’t win (too uneven in his cooking), I’ll be satisfied.


Now this is fun. This season, they’ve brought back all the winners from the weekly shows. Each week, four previous champions compete to move on to the finale. Instead of winning $10,000, the grand winner will get $50,000. So far the cooking has been quite good, and it’s clear the judges are often having a hard time deciding who to chop.  I’ve found myself amazed at the creative things that have been made a number of times, and have actually wished I could taste a few of the dishes.

How about you, are you watching any of these shows? Is there any fall show you’re looking forward to? And please, tell me I’m not the only person here at AAR watching Chopped?


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