The shop I work at sells, among many other things, fair trade and recycled items.  Recycled glass bead bracelets made in Ghana, bags and coin purses made from recycled plastic bags from Vietnam, and  Paper to Pearls jewelry, using beads made from paper by women in Uganda.  The other day, I finally succumbed and bought a Paper to Pearls bracelet, and a Vietnamese wallet.

It’s interesting to see how people have become more environmentally conscious.  One of our store’s best sellers is a resusable EnvrioSax bag that roll up to fit in your purse.  Probably half of our customers refuse bags, and instead put their items in their backpack, purse, or other bag.  I don’t think nearly as many people would say, “Save the bag,” two years ago.  This is coming at the time that my city is considering a 5 cent charge for every grocery bag used at a store.  Environmental consciousness has become chic– recycled accessories, reusable bags, reduced paper and plastic consumption.  There’s a very virtuous feeling that comes with being “green,” even if in doing so you also feel very cool and fashionable.

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