AronToday I repotted some of my plants. I’m not going to divulge how much time had passed since the last repotting – I’d be afraid you’d sic PETP (People for the Ethical Treatment of Plants) on me – so let’s just say it was necessary. Way necessary.

One of the plants is a peace lily, the others are Easter cactuses and a grass of some sort. They already look happier, although only some hours have passed since the repotting took place. And, as often with tasks long avoided, I realised I don’t actually mind repotting plants. In fact, I like it, especially sticking my hands in soft earth. The sensation reminds me a bit of kneading dough, or some other equally tactile work.

This, of course makes waiting so long with the repotting even sillier. Plants, I promise I will be more caring in the future!

How often do you do your repotting, and you have any recommendations for it?

– Rike Horstmann

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