As my spring semester is about to begin, I’ve started reading one of the books for my Brit Lit class– Oliver Twist.  The book list for the class includes many titles that I feel like I should have read, but never have (Sense and Sensibility, Mrs Dalloway, Heart of Darkness, Picture of Dorian Gray).  As much as I would rather be reading a book of my own choice, I do enjoy lit classes; they force me to read books I otherwise would never have picked up.  I’m only a few chapters into Oliver Twist, but I’m already liking it more than I thought I would.  Of course, every once in a while there’s a Makoika Sisters, which while I haven’t read it personally, my friends who read it for a high school English class four years ago still talk about the trauma it inflicted on them.

What books did you love (or hate) reading in an English or literature class?

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