Cold Justice The Negotiators series

Cold as Ice

When I broke out in a sweat during the first chapter of the newest installment of Toni Anderson’s  Negotiators series, Cold As Ice, I knew it was going to be a terrific romantic suspense novel. Present are all the hallmarks of Anderson’s nail-biters: fast-paced plot, engaging story, robust char ...

Cold Cruel Kiss

Book four in Toni Anderson’s Cold Justice: Crossfire series, Cold Cruel Kiss is a nail-bitingly tense, superbly plotted romantic suspense novel set in Buenos Aires, which finds Supervisory Special Agent Max Hawthorne of the FBI’s Crisis Negotiation Unit called in after the seventeen-year-old dau ...

Cold & Deadly

Narrated by Eric G. Dove Cold & Deadly is the first book in the spin off from Toni Anderson’s long-running Cold Justice series, Cold Justice: Crossfire, and it features characters who work as negotiators for the FBI’s Crisis Negotiation Unit, which conducts and manages on-scene negotiatio ...