Edge series

Edge of Power

Rejoice, Wulf fans! In Edge of Power we get his story and an enjoyable and satisfying conclusion to the sexy, futuristic Edge series (at least for now).  The self-professed King of the West gets the comeuppance he so richly deserves - ending the overarching four book plot, while Ms. Crane rewa ...

Edge of Control

When I discovered Megan Crane’s Edge series a few months ago, I fell instantly in love. Dystopian stories can be hit-or-miss for me; I like them but I get tired of reading about characters who feel like the entire world is against them. This series stands out because it is different; it puts a s ...

Edge of Obsession

I began the book the evening I downloaded it and stayed up until after one, unable to put it down until I got to its end. Yes. I read Edge of Obsession obsessively and I enjoyed the hell out of it. The book begins with a précis of the world as is now is. A hundred years ago, or so the stories w ...