Phil Gigante


Narrated by Natalie Ross and Phil Gigante NOTE: Review contains spoilers for the Fever series. Following on very shortly after the events of Shadowfever, Iced picks up the story from Dani “Mega” O’Malley’s point of view. Dani is 14 and it shows. She’s overconfident, brash, immature, ...

Kiss of the Highlander

Often at Speaking of Audiobooks, we complied short reviews and commentary on popular audiobooks as early on, Lea only wrote what she referred to as "mini reviews" although there was much to say about the audio. Kiss of the Highlander is one such book. All content is written by Lea. Favorite Roman ...


I am very lucky that my local library system offers the option of checking out, via download, audio books and e-books. Since I got an MP3 player for my birthday, I've been exploring my various audio options. Because romance options on audio are slim and mostly limited to bestselling authors I don't ...