Scottish romance

Spell of the Highlander

Karen Marie Moning is one of the few, if not only Time Travel authors I have ever been able to read. The books are fun and don't seem to take themselves too seriously without completely mocking the genre. I open a KMM book expecting a good time, a hunky Celtic, and a curse or two thrown in for good ...

The Dark Highlander

Och, lass, I have more problems than praise for The Dark Highlander; in fact, I have virtually no praise at all. Whatever success this author attained in terms of decent imagery or interesting detail was lost on a hero and heroine who had me gritting my teeth in irritation by the middle of the book. ...

Kiss of the Highlander

Set during a period that brings to mind impregnable castles, kilted warriors, and rugged mountains, Kiss of the Highlander is actually a cute love story with only a sprinkling of atmosphere. Karen Marie Moning’s latest work is the furthest thing from an impressive, cathartic epic. I almost feel gu ...