Southern Lights series

Flat Whites & Chocolate Fish

When I read Powder & Pavlova, book one in Jay Hogan’s Southern Lights series, I was intrigued by the character of Adrian Powell, the handsome, enigmatic and tight-lipped barista who worked in the café owned by Ethan Sharpe and who, by the end of the book, had joined him in setting up a coffee ...

Tamarillo Tart

Tamarillo Tart is book two in Jay Hogan’s Southern Lights series of contemporary romances set around Queenstown and the Southern Alps on New Zealand’s South Island.  It’s a well-written opposites-attract romance in which two very different men find an intense mutual attraction developing into ...

Powder & Pavlova

I read and enjoyed a couple of books by Jay Hogan last year, so I was more than happy to jump into Powder & Pavlova, the first book in her Southern Lights series of m/m romances set in and around Queenstown, New Zealand.  This is a May/December story featuring a pair of engaging and well-rounde ...