The Duke Hunt series

The Scoundrel Falls Hard

Sophie Jordan’s The Scoundrel Falls Hard is the third title in her The Duke Hunt series, and although it references characters from the previous two books it can be read as a standalone. It features Gwen Cully, a down on her luck village blacksmith, and Kellan Fox, the son of a con artist whom Gwe ...

The Scoundrel Falls Hard

For all that it's part of The Duke Hunt series, Sophie Jordan's The Scoundrel Falls Hard doesn't really involve dukes, or noblemen of any kind. Instead, it's a refreshing historical romance that looks at more common people - if a female blacksmith can be called ‘common’ in Victorian England. ...

The Duke Goes Down

The Duke Goes Down is the first in Sophie Jordan’s The Duke Hunt series. In it, Imogen Bates, local vicar’s daughter, uses rumors to keep her childhood bully, Peregrine Butler, the Duke of Penning before finding out he is illegitimate, from successfully courting an heiress.  I generally enjo ...