pride-and-prejudice-graphic-novelI recently began re-listening to Jayne Ann Krentz’s Eclipse Bay, the first in her Eclipse Bay trilogy, originally published over 10 years ago. After being very frustrated by her recent Arcane series books, this re-listen has been refreshing. I’ve found myself wishing that Ms. Krentz would write another series like her Eclipse Bay series, with no paranormal elements (well, except in the mind of one of the secondary characters). Or if not a series, I would love to read a straight contemporary by her such as Trust Me or Family Man.

This re-listen has also reminded me of some of my other romance novel wishes. Now these aren’t about my desires for specific settings (Egypt, Malta, and Santorini head that list) or time periods (post-World War I is a particular favorite). These are wishes I have for books I want specific authors to write.

First up is a wish for Colby Hodge. One of the first books I reviewed here at AAR was her paranormal time travel Twist. Abbey, the heroine, is smart and tough, but has her girly moments. I would love to see this turn into a series, or at least have a sequel where Abbey and the real Shane get to spend some time together.

When I first started reading romances, I actually read a lot more historical romances than I do now. One of the first I read, and still a favorite, is Scoundrel by Elizabeth Elliott. I completely fell in love with Lady Lily and Miles, the heroine and hero. They definitely had a satisfying HEA. But I remain intrigued by the hints at a potential relationship between Lady Lily’s brother Robert and her best friend Sophie. They’re only together for a few moments in the book, but it’s clear that Sophie is Robert’s “Venus.” I know lots of readers are waiting for another long-promised medieval romance by Ms. Elliott. Me, I want the story of Robert and Sophie.

Many readers begged Susan Elizabeth Phillips to write Teddy Beaudine’s story for years. I too wanted to read Teddy’s story, but had my own heroine picked out for him. While it’s not my favorite of her books, I have reread parts of her Kiss an Angel numerous times, and am now thinking of downloading the audio version. I had Heather – the troubled young girl from that book – picked out as Teddy’s perfect match. Since the author clearly had other things in mind, I would love to see Heather appear as the heroine in a future SEP book. This would give me a chance to not only see Heather get a HEA, but also to catch up with Daisy and Alex and Sheba and Brady. I do wonder how things turned out for all of them. Did Daisy ever become a kindergarten teacher?

And despite the fact that I review and do other assignments here at AAR, I’m not the most connected person into the romance world. So if you know that one of my “wishes” has already come true, please let me know….I’m begging you.

Do you have any particular books you’d like to see an author write? Any secondary characters you’d like to see get their own romance?

– LinnieGayl

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