Every once in a while I start researching a topic and then it leads to something completely different.  This week I was all set to talk about the strength it takes to make changes in our lives.  But honestly, we all know how difficult it is do things like ending relationships, or changing jobs. Instead I got sidetracked to www.oprah.com and Rules-for-Life-After-35 by Leigh Newman and was charmed by some of  her sayings.

  1. The five-second food-on-the-floor rule is really the 30-second food-on-the-floor rule. Except in houses with dogs.
  2. Leggings are not pants.
  3. There are only three real answers: yes, no and yes but later.
  4. Moms like scented candles. It’s not a crime to give them one every month.
  5. Books. Books. More Books.
  6. Parents love the friend who offers to hold their baby so they can drink a beer.
  7. Thank- you notes. Always.

Check out Rules-for-Life-After-35 and post your favorite.

And speaking of the five second rule, I did find a cute video

– Leigh AAR
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