One of the most fun parts of Romancelandia is the annual Romance Writers of America conference held each year in July. Last year it was in sweltering San Antonio and this year, still sweltering, its attendees are in New York City.

I arrived here on Sunday afternoon and spent the afternoon walking and sweating profusely. My phone claimed it was a measly 96 degrees–I’m sure with the heat of the traffic and the asphalt, it was well over 100. But who cares? This is New York, a city where you can find just about every kind of activity you can imagine.

I’m here a bit early because my eldest son lives here now and this is the first chance I’ve had to visit him here. (First mom job: Buy him a second set of sheets and a few more towels–he has just one of each.)

Blythe and Lynn arrive on Tuesday and then it’s a whirlwind of panels, interviews, dinners, parties, and awards. Yes, we know, it’s a rough gig.

We wish you were here too. Since you aren’t–and we are–we’d like to hear what you’re interested in. Is there a question you’re dying to ask your favorite author? Let us know what it is and we’ll see if we can ask her. Wondering where your favorite sub-genre is heading next? We’ll see if we can find out for you. Want snaps of the hot cover models? Well, we’ll do our best.

Use the comment section below to share your requests. We’ll be reporting over the next week.


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