hasenEvery year, some time before Easter my husband begins to grumble that we do not have any Easter decorations out yet. I suggest he take care of it; he grumbles some more that we should do it together. So out the colored eggs and wooden bunnies come, and once the decorations are finished, I quite like them. I just feel no urge whatsoever to initiate the decorating.

I’m not quite as bad at Christmastime, when I get some stuff out without being urged repeatedly. But the truth is, what while I like decorating my rooms in a pleasing way, I resent anything that isn’t permanent, need to be put up by a certain date and taken down again by another. In my own home, that is, I am quite happy to admire other people’s decorating efforts. Just as long as no-one demands anything in the same line from me.

Now that I have outed myself as the perfect grouch: What is your attitude to seasonal decorating? And what do you put up at Eastertime?

– Rike Horstmann

Rike Horstmann
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