plano-general-SCOPersonally, I love them.  It means I can zip in, zip out, and if I screw up, I know exactly who to blame.  And once you get the systems sorted, they’re easy to use.  My mum hates them though, because the way the bags are weighed just pisses her off.

I used to love them even more at the library, where it meant I could hide the fact I was borrowing stacks of romance novels (hangs head in shame).  But ever since I came out of the closet – so to speak – it only mattered that I could get my books hyper-quick.  And I love gadgets. 

These self-checkout machines (German, it looks like) appear mega-spiffy, though, rather like X-ray machines. 

What about you?  Use ’em, hate ’em, or love ’em?

– Jean AAR