Right now, Sherlock is the only thing I watch on TV.  Name any other show, new program, serial, mini-series, and the answer is no.  (I tried Downton Abbey, but sorry folks – not interested.)  But for Sherlock, I am on tenterhooks.  For Sherlock, I could curse the 18-month wait until the next one.  I couldn’t wait until Series 2 was broadcast in Canada – the minute it was up on iTunes, I bought it.  And I loved it.

If you haven’t seen BBC’s Sherlock, then I suggest you stop and hie yourself to Netflix or something for the first season.  What I loved about the first series – cracking dialogue, fantastic character growth, and a shivery pleasure in spinning the Conan Doyle canon – was replicated in the second one.  It would take ages for me to talk about everything I loved about the second series, but here are a few:

  • The emotional wallop.  Geez, they sure don’t pull their punches.  “Scandal in Belgravia” had rocketing sexual tension, “Hound of Baskerville” made me close my eyes, and I cried at the end of the “The Reichenbach Fall”.
  • Martin Freeman.  I think he is absolutely fantastic as John Watson, and although the second series is, in some ways, more about Sherlock, you really see him coming into his own as Sherlock’s equal.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch.  I thought he balanced Sherlock’s humanity and coldness perfectly.
  • Andrew Scott.  Okay, so I had doubts about his character at the end of the first series, but his performance in “Scandal” and “Reichenbach” is sinister, freaky, cold-blooded, and genuinely off-the-charts crazy – in a good way.

I’ll stop there, because otherwise I could go on for pages.  Have you seen the second season of Sherlock?  What did you think?

– Jean AAR

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