We have all heard about the beating D.C. got about two weeks ago from Mother Nature.  At the time, I loved it.  I got 4 days off from school.  I enjoyed being holed up in my apartment, drinking hot chocolate and reading and watching TV.  I took several fun treks out during the blizzard to a local Happy Hour that has really fantastic burgers.  But now that things are back on schedule, the snow has become a nuissance.

The D.C. plows understandably focused on getting the snow off the roads.  However, in doing so, they dumped it all in the middle of the sidewalk.  To get to class, work, or basically go anywhere, I have to either walk along the side of a busy road, or climb around mountains of snow that are taller than me.  They also didn’t get the roads totally cleared; traffic has been a nightmare.  A bus trip that usually takes 10 minutes took 40 the other day, and a friend’s 30-minute commute took more than 2 hours, because all the roads that are usually two lanes have become one lane-streets.  And don’t get me started on the black ice.

Do you have any snow-storm aftermath horror stories?

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